Must Haves for the Family Staycation — Toddler/Baby Travel Edition

Families who are going on staycations might not realize it but you really need to pack all of the things that you would be packing if you were going on a full vacation.  One of the things that I have struggled with in the past is leaving a must have item at home.  The following is a short list of the must have items that you need when you are traveling on a family staycation with a toddler or baby.

The Perfect Stroller

…with one kiddo

Finding a great stroller is something that I have always struggled with.  I have tried to find something that would be easy to push and maneuver while still fitting nicely in my car.  Joovy offers a great line of single strollers where you can find a match to meet your specific needs.

…with two or more kiddos

Finding a double stroller that is going to meet your needs for a staycation can be tough.  Let's face it, you want something that is going to work for you and something that is going to be functional.  You want a double stroller that is not too bulky when you are traveling because you have so much to pack when you have a family. 

Well that is a tall bill to fit for a stroller.  Most double strollers fail in one of these areas.  The smaller lightweight models are generally not easy to push or navigate.  The larger models are usually too big to easily be packed along with you.  What are you to do? 

Well look no further, the Joovy Caboose VaryLight double stroller is the perfect choice for you to be able to go on your staycation and have a stroller that you can easily use.  The stroller is easy to push, navigates well, can be changed from a single stroller to a double with a few simple clicks and really works great for your everyday needs and beyond.

Joovy VL

As a mom of four I have owned my fair share of double strollers.  I really have not loved many of them.  In fact, most of the time I have disliked having a double stroller all together.  I have struggled with trying to find one that I could use and one that would be convenient for my family.  The Joovy Caboose VaryLight is all of those things.

An Appropriate Fitting Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are great for those short trips where you do not want to drag out the stroller.  They are also perfect for places where your stroller might not fit, like a mirror maze.

Comfortable Carseats

Your child is going to be happier when they sit in a carseat that they love.  I have learned the hard way that you really need to test out carseats before you purchase them and your child is riding in them. Thankfully stores like Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us offer you the chance to check them out with your child before you purchase them.

A Great Place to Nap

Your child will need a great place to sleep and nap.  There are a lot of easy portable options out there that are perfect for travel and will keep your little one safe.

Traveling away from home for a staycation does not need to be complicated.  These things will make it a little easier for you if you are traveling away from home with a baby or toddler.

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