Choosing a Staycation Location — A Look at Our Staycation in The Quad Cities

Finding a great place to take a staycation is not something that is particularly easy.  Recently I was able to take advantage of an amazing opportunity for a staycation close to home in the Quad Cities (IL/IA). 

Here is a little bit about our trip and some great information about where we stayed and what we did.

Tips to Find the Right Staycation for Your Family

Find Comfortable Accomodations


One of the great things about staying in the Quad Cities for this trip was that we were offered comfortable accomodations at the Holiday Inn & Suites (4215 Elmore Ave, Davenport IA).  The rooms were very nice and comfortable.  We had 2 rooms that were connected.  One room was a standard King room and the other was a King one bedroom suite.  I loved being able to have enough space for all four of our kids to have a nice night's sleep.  Plus my husband and I were able to relax in bed in the mornings while the kids watched cartoons and enjoyed some breakfast.

Find Fun and Affordable Things to Do

Moline, IL is home to John Deere tractors.  The John Deere Pavillion (1400 River Drive, Moline IL) offers free attractions for the whole family.  On some days then even offer free family friendly activities that you can take advantage of.  Tractor enthusiasts and little boys will love being able to see all of the different tractors from the classics to the modern.  To be honest, I really love this attraction as it is a lot of fun for the whole family.

Find Attractions That Teach Your Child Something


There are many different attractions that you can find where your child can learn something.  In the Quad Cities the Putnam Museum (1717 W. 12th St, Davenport IA) is one of those places.  I really learned a lot about the areas and there were a ton of hands on exhbists that were fun and interactive for the kids.  We were here for about half of a day and there was definitely a lot more exploring that we could have done.  I really loved that the museum had exhibits that were interesting for my oldest son, Andrew, who is 11 as well as my youngest daughter, Adeline, who is 3. 

Find Family Friendly Attractions


Family friendly attractions are some of the most fun.  The Family Museum (2900 Learning Campus Dr, Bettendorf IA) is one place that my husband and I had previously visited with our children.  We had not been in a few years and it had really been through some great renovations since then.  My 11 year old found the building area to be a lot of fun but the rest seemed to be a bit boring for him.  The younger three were happy to explore the entire museum and had a great time playing and learning wiht the exhibits. 

Find Fun Things That Put the Area On the Map


If you are going to be in the Quad Cities one place that you must visit is Lagomarcino's (1422 5th Ave, Moline IL).  Lagomarcino's is a small candy store and soda fountain that has been around since 1908.  We were treated to some of the most amazing hot fudge sundaes that I have ever eaten.  The kids loved picking out a piece of candy to enjoy later in the day at the hotel as well.  I will admit that I was very impressed with both the chocolate that I tried and the amazing sundae that I ate.  A number of famous foodies have reviewed the hot fudge sundaes and talked about them as well.

Traking a staycation is a great alternative to your standard vacation.  It is also a great way to check out some of the local hot spots that you might not have visited before.  If you are thinking about visiting the Quad Cities then you should definitely check out Visit Quad Cities for more information on what is available.


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