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Who are our readers?

Real Family Travel Magazine targets a rapidly growing niche market: traveling families.  With over 100 million trips taken each year by families, this market is gaining the attention of the media and travel destinations. Our readers are single parents, married couples with kids and everyone in between, including families who are looking for tips on how to have a great family vacation to those considering (or already living) a lifestyle of long term travel.

August 2012 was our debut issue on Apple's Newsstand!

We have been featured in the What's Hot! section of Travel and Regional (Apple's magazine store) every month from September 2012 to May 2013.

Because of the nature of our magazine, we have a very high conversion rate of downloads to subscribers, generally averaging at least 10%. The subscription is highly affordable (just $0.99 per month, or less for 6 month and 12 month subscriptions) and mostly on iPad.  (We do have a web-based version that debuted in January 2013 that sells for $10.49 for yearly subscriptions).  An estimated 75 million iPads will have been sold by the end of 2012 and some market forecasters are estimating that the most dramatic shift to mobile usage will occur in early 2013, after the holiday season where many iPads will be given as gifts.

We encourage interaction from our readers through videos and live links for free products, as well as our contributing authors' social media accounts.  As an advertiser, you can provide videos, audios and even embed a sign up form right inside the magazine to grow your mailing list. (*Note: We will need to test your email mailing list form to ensure it doesn't make the magazine crash.)

Placing an ad:

Because we're a digital magazine, focusing mostly on the iPad market, the simplicity of the platform lends itself best to full 1 page ads, but we do have placement options in our "Travel Goodies" section, as well.

Take advantage of our "1st Year" ad pricing!  (Limited time special offer)

Only $700 $197 for a 1-page ad.

Or $1000 $347 for an ad immediately following the front cover, the optimal placement.

This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of our discounted ad rates, as well as our full in-house design services!

And, because our digital magazines will be available indefinitely, your ad dollars will go further as readers purchase back issues.  Unlike traditional print magazines that have a limited shelf life, your ads will be reaching your target customers for months or even years to come…all for a one time fee.

We offer our own in-house design services, free of charge, to our advertisers! We’ll design or tweak your ad for FREE so that it is optimized for the best user experience on the iPad!

For more information on placing an ad in an upcoming issue, please use our contact form or send an email to

We are currently limiting the number of ads in each issue, relative to the issue size.  Fewer ads means our readers are much more likely to take the time to read your ad.  All ads will be placed between content, ie. your ad will not appear directly before or directly after another ad.  We also offer full tracking to see how many people have clicked on your ad.